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mineral products drying (drying) equipment news 木材烘干设备|长石粉烘干机|矿产品烘干机|空心桨叶烘干机|闪蒸干燥机|喷雾烘干机—山东宝阳干燥机-靠谱的买球平台

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product performance characteristics

the water evaporation capacity of rotary dryer is generally 30-80 kg/m3.h, which increases with the increase of hot air temperature and changes with the moisture properties of materials. it has higher evaporation intensity than flash drying and spray drying. the thermal efficiency is generally 40%-70%. the equipment runs smoothly and reliably, has no fragile parts, few faults and long service life, and is widely used in drying industry.

scope of application of products

1. from the form of raw materials, centrifugal dewatering filter cake and pressure filter cake; drying of powder, granules, flakes, fibers and other materials that can flow freely.

2. from the application scope of materials, it is widely used in drying mineral products, building materials, chemical products, compound fertilizer, organic powder, feed, wine trough, starch residue, corn residue, bean residue, etc.

3. from the mechanism of rotary drum dryer, it can be divided into direct, indirect heating, ventilation tube heating, steam tube indirect heating, compound heating and other structural forms.

4. from the drying temperature, it can be selected from the range of 60 600 in principle, the higher the temperature, the higher the evaporation intensity. therefore, the equipment is small in size, low in investment and low in energy consumption per unit.


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