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development of drying equipment for chinese medicinal materials news 木材烘干设备|长石粉烘干机|矿产品烘干机|空心桨叶烘干机|闪蒸干燥机|喷雾烘干机—山东宝阳干燥机-靠谱的买球平台

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overview of the current drying research of chinese herbal medicines and chinese herbal pieces, there are still the following problems:

1. the study of drying theory is not thorough. there are few explanations and quantitative analysis on the complex changes in drying process of chinese medicinal materials and the causes and extent of degradation of active ingredients with drying time, and the corresponding simulation software is lacking.

2. special drying equipment is few. in recent years, although the development and quality of traditional chinese medicine drying equipment have been improved, on the whole, the drying of traditional chinese medicine is basically in the state of borrowing other materials drying equipment, with few special equipment, not to mention the formation of serialization and standardization.

3. there are few systematic studies. at present, the study of drying technology is mostly limited to the comparison of working methods, drying time and energy consumption. there are few reports on the comprehensive study of mass and heat transfer mechanism, effective ingredient change mechanism, drying process parameters optimization and drying equipment design systematically, which means that there are few comparatively perfect varieties of chinese medicinal materials to be dried. study on drying technology.

in fact, the drying process of chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces is a dynamic change process of water, heat and active ingredients. they interact and restrict each other, and then reach a relative equilibrium state. in the study, we should not only investigate the factors that influence the three factors in the drying process, such as drying temperature, time, space scale, environmental temperature, humidity, air velocity and surface morphology, but also investigate the dynamic change process and mutual restriction of the three factors under the influence of these factors, and use a large number of experimental data. the computer software was designed and developed to simulate the comprehensive effects of different factors, thus establishing the drying model of various chinese medicinal herbs. through the establishment and prediction of the model, various influencing factors are adjusted to find the optimal combination, so that the water, heat and effective ingredients can achieve the best balance state and drying effect.

at present, the water content of dried chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces is more than 8%~12%. in my opinion, this standard is too general and does not take into account the differences between chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces. as we all know, the types of chemical constituents, the types of microorganisms, the medicinal parts and the structure of tissues in different pieces of decoction may be different, so their effectiveness, safety and stability are affected by water to varying degrees. if a unified standard is used, it seems biased. this requires researchers to study the correlation among water, chemical composition and curative effect, reveal and predict the influence of drying degree on all aspects of chinese herbal medicines, and formulate reasonable and standard water content standards for chinese herbal medicines, so as to improve the quality of chinese herbal medicines.

in addition, according to the characteristics and classifications of chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces, and combined with mechanical design, computer control and other disciplines, the necessary parameters in the drying process should be formulated, and special drying equipment for decoction pieces should be developed, which conforms to the actual situation of chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces themselves and can be used in large-scale production and easy to popularize.

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