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errors in installation of dryer for prolonging service life news 木材烘干设备|长石粉烘干机|矿产品烘干机|空心桨叶烘干机|闪蒸干燥机|喷雾烘干机—山东宝阳干燥机-靠谱的买球平台

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at present, dryer equipment is widely used and customer satisfaction is very high. it is also very important to install the dryer before it is used, but the wrong installation will shorten the service life of the dryer and bring unnecessary troubles to your work and production. then, xiaobian will introduce to you what the wrong installation forms of dryers are, hoping to be helpful for your future work.
it is an extreme mistake to install the main engine of the dryer in the inclined form of high fire end and low far fire end.
because this installation method of dryer can only speed up the material flow to the far fire end, so that the material storage in the drum is reduced again. thousands of lifting boards are lifting at the same time throughout the drum, but the lifting materials are very few. at the same time, because of the inclined angle of the main engine in the installation must be specially installed with a set of anti-skid pulley to fix, in order to prevent the equipment from sliding in operation, it is very troublesome.
above is the information about dryer brought by xiaobian. if you want to know more about our products, please visit our website for consultation: http://www.baoyangganzao.com.
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