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the competition of wood drying equipment is fierce and the market is saturated. news 木材烘干设备|长石粉烘干机|矿产品烘干机|空心桨叶烘干机|闪蒸干燥机|喷雾烘干机—山东宝阳干燥机-靠谱的买球平台

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according to incomplete statistics, there are 144 woodworking tool manufacturers, which can basically meet the domestic market demand. although many manufacturers have emerged in recent years, the high-end market is still monopolized by imported brands.
according to incomplete statistics, there are 26 manufacturers of wood drying equipment. the market competition in the field of wood drying is very fierce, vicious competition occurs from time to time, and the products of wood drying and related equipment are in a saturated state.
according to incomplete statistics, there are 113 manufacturers of woodworking machinery accessories, which can basically meet the needs of the industry, but in recent years, there is a trend of increasingly fierce competition in some areas.
because of the low technical requirements, low entry threshold and increasingly fierce competition in these three areas, what the above products basically saturate is to standardize the market order of these products, maintain the market image, small factories have no r&d capability, and foreign enterprises can easily enter the high-end market monopolized by leading technology at home. questions worth pondering.



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