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installation method and quality requirements of rotary dryer news information news 木材烘干设备|长石粉烘干机|矿产品烘干机|空心桨叶烘干机|闪蒸干燥机|喷雾烘干机—山东宝阳干燥机-靠谱的买球平台

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installation method of rotary dryer:
1. draw the baseline, make the baseline and build the stove as required. after the foundation has been cleaned up and passed the acceptance, the vertical and horizontal cross lines and elevation lines should be correctly made on the basic benchmark plate as the basis for measuring the central elevation and slope elevation of the machine and the furnace during installation, and then the installation should be carried out in sequence.
2. install the base and supporting wheel seat. before installation, the position of the pad iron on the base is leveled, the remaining parts are shoveled out of the hemp surface, and the central cross line is drawn on the base. then the base is hoisted to the base for preliminary alignment. pad iron under the base, the total thickness of the pad iron group should be kept at 30-35 mm, the thickness should be placed below, the number of layers of each group of pad iron should not exceed four layers. the cushion is based on the corresponding points.
2.1. the number of layers of cushion iron should not be more than four.
2.2. the center of gravity of equipment and the center of gravity of foundation must be on a vertical line, because only in this case, if the foundation sinks in the future, it will sink evenly without inclination.
3. open the drum on the upper cylinder of the stove: when installing the drum, it is necessary to distinguish the front from the back and not to install the wrong one.
4. installation of big gears and pinions: care must be taken to protect the interface of big gears from collision.
5. when installing transmission gear, reducer and motor to install transmission pinion, on the one hand, it is necessary to adjust its meshing situation, on the other hand, it is necessary to keep its central axis parallel to the central axis of the cylinder.
6. cover the upper part of the stove to complete the whole machine.
2. installation quality requirements of rotary dryer: in the process of installation, quality must be guaranteed so that the installed equipment can meet the requirements of national standards and equipment specifications after commissioning. here only special requirements and suggestions for installation of dryer are put forward.
1. installation of base and supporting wheel: 1.1. the center line of two groups of supporting wheels must be in the same straight line, and the error must not exceed <1 mm. 1.2. the elevation error of the front and rear two-stage brackets shall not exceed (+1 mm). the elevation error of the same group of two brackets shall be the same, and the error shall not exceed (+0.2 mm). 1.3. the distance error of the transverse center line between the front and rear supporting wheels shall not exceed (+2 mm). 1.4. the inclination error of the supporting wheel shall not exceed (+0.1 mm/m).
2. installation of cylinder and rolling ring: 2.1. according to the inner diameter of the processed front rolling ring (feed end), the gap between the front rolling ring and concave joint must be adjusted to 1.5 mm, and the error must not exceed + 0.5 mm. 2.2. according to the inner diameter of the processed back-rolling ring, the gap between the back-rolling ring and concave joint must be adjusted to 1.2mm, and the error must not exceed + 0.5mm. 2.3. the curvature of the cylinder shall not exceed 5 mm anywhere and 2 mm at the large gear. 2.4. the whole machine is arranged on a 5% inclined plane, and all dimensions are measured on the inclined plane. 2.5. radial fluctuation and lateral swing of large gears after installation shall not be greater than 2 mm. 2.6. the clearance at the butt of large gears shall not be greater than 0.12/r. 2.7. the pitch distance at the butt of large gears should meet the requirements, and its allowable difference is 0.005 modulus. 2.8. the output shaft of the reducer should be parallel to the center line of the cylinder, and the error code difference should not exceed (+0.2mm). 2.9. concentricity must be guaranteed when two semi-coupling joints are connected. the radial runout shall not be greater than 0.09 mm, the end runout shall not be greater than 0.2 mm, and the gap between the two ends shall be 2-10 mm.
the drying efficiency of rotary dryer depends to a great extent on the combustion of combustion furnace. therefore, special attention must be paid to furnace chamber and blower during the operation of rotary dryer.


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