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the following is an introduction to the characteristics of wood drying equipment:
wood drying equipment is composed of blower, chimney, return air pipeline, air intake pipeline, main body of hot air steam furnace, steam generating device, moisture exhaust system, electronic display of dry and wet balls and electric control box. the outer shell is welded by section steel and imported color steel tile, and the inner wall is made of high temperature anti-corrosion aluminium plate. the metal outer shell type dryer is not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical.
wood drying equipment is suitable for all kinds of drying wood. it is an ideal replacement product for small and medium-sized furniture factories, wood products factories and old drying equipment. at the same time, it has the advantages of easy operation, safety and reliability, low operation cost and saving investment.
the above is the characteristics of wood drying equipment, i hope you have some understanding.




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